Sport GT 750CC


Standard Version丨High-end Version

L (mm):2210

W (mm):839

H (mm):1329

Wheel base (mm):1465

Cylinder:Twin Cylinder, 4 Valve

Compression Ratio:12.2:1

Max. Speed (km/h):>208KM/H

Fuel Consumption (L/km):6.3/100

Product introduction

This is the case of the ST 750, a piece of fascinating, unique motorcycle art, its lines flowing smoothly and drawing unexpected forms, uniting the classic and the modern. The front of the motorbike sets new design standards, its strong character highlighted by the wide headlamp which seems taken from the car’s design. The generous side panels of the fairing contribute to the very special look of this bike.

And finally, again, the front windshield with its imposing appearance and personality expresses the strong character of this very special bike. The riding position is quite athletic, but not excessively so, so the bike can be enjoyed in many different contexts. And this is precisely its character: a bike ready to ridden when you want to have fun riding. As simple as that!

The 750cc EFI twin 4-stroke DOHC 4V water-cooled engine,displaying an outstanding 50.5kW@7,500 rpm power, is a state-of-the-art powertrain assuring top performances for any demanding rider; with the 6-speed gearbox it is pure joy to ride on any type of road. The chassis is a refined alloy cast box type,completely embracing the engine body.

The front suspension features a sporty and sturdy upside fork,which together with the rear monoshock absorber linked to its alloy cast swingarm makes for a perfect combination.

A triple disc braking system by the Italian brand Brembo is the top-end choice for the sportiest riders where the front provides a Superbike-style double large size disc featuring aggressive radial 4-piston calipers. Another Brembo production, the 2-piston caliper is in the rear disc brake.

Rider’s and passenger seat are conveniently placed and shaped,to give the rider outstanding comfort on long-distance routes.

Finally, the dashboard is in style with the bike’s handsome display.

Fully digital and super-informative, it is reminiscent of many high-class cars. Another touch of uniqueness.

This ST 750 aims to surprise its rider in every respect, and this is exactly what a motorcyclist wants.Emotions!


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