Police 320CC


Standard Version丨High-end Version

L (mm):2137

W (mm):829

H (mm):1333

Wheel base (mm):1400

Cylinder:Single Cylinder, 4 Valve

Compression Ratio:10.8:1

Max. Speed (km/h):125KM/H

Fuel Consumption (L/km):3.4 /100


Police Horn:One on each side


Front Flasher Light on Guard Bar:One on each side

Front Flasher Light on Front Fairing:One on each side

Rear Flasher Light:Yes

USB Port:Yes

LCD Dashboard:Yes

Product introduction

Should the Police display style as well as authority? Indeed they should! The natural choice is this amazing GT 320, representing the very best in terms of performance and function.

The imposing, integral yet classic full fairing gives the bike a superb image of strength and dominance. And this is exactly what is needed in a bike that must display authority. It’s not only the image – the bodywork also provides protection against the elements, penetrating the air at higher speed, while the high-front windshield protects against cruising winds, thus giving top riding comfort. The 20 lit fuel tank is a necessary tool for long-range routes so that you need fewer pit stops.

The sporty riding position allows fast riding when necessary during Police interventions.

The 320cc EFI 4-stroke 4V water-cooled engine gives an outstanding power of 22kW assuring top performance along the whole power bend providing the exact right cruising speed.

A double disc braking system is the best choice for an energetic but safe ride where the front provides a Superbike-like radial 4-piston caliper.

There is ample accessory equipment, thanks to the standard two-side containers and the top box, in perfect function.

Many other special features are provided with regard to special Police functions,such as a special horn, a strobe lamp, additional led flashers on the guard bar and the front fairing, led head and tail lights.

A special “high-end” version also includes an ABS braking system, a speaker, a USB port, a data recording system (GPS) and a fully integrated communication system for the rider’s helmet.


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